Tuesday, 15 May 2012

asasi tesl,uitm kuantan

hello has been awhile since my last update. TRIAL SPM?? FUU haha sekarang spm pun dah habis nyah.ketinggalan betul aku ni.anyway as the title says,i was offered foundation in tesl, uitm kuantan. why must kuantan??? i've never been there at all. i have no idea how it will be.ceruk ke,comel ke,hensem ke,cantik ke.ahak. whatever it is im so excited to go there.i will be there on 2nd of june for the registration.apparently i will be going to uitm jengka instead of kuantan for the whole week of orientation.i guess.haha main hentam for those who are offered the same course and same campus likse mine, see u there kkkkk! sekarang barang apa pun tak prepare lagi.tapi esok nak buat medical check up.harap2 semua ok sebab perut ku selalu meragaammm geram je.i hate hospital and i hate medicine.sekian.

me and lianos dekat mekdi macam orang gile+tak tau malu=us HAHAHA
p/s: im going to change my blog header. its fugly! (no offense) HAHA

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