Monday, 18 July 2011

Journey Of a Muslim Student (JOMS) 2011

so last friday (15/7/2011) my classmates and i and bla bla bla (muslim only)  had a kem ibadah in our school
haha my first thought was like,

ahhh its going to be like the rest of kem ibadah~

and yep i was wrong!! it was cool!! haha
especially masa slot kerohanian tu..haha T________T

and my classmates kept repeating a kitkat commercial by saying

M.Nasir kan.. hahahaha until aku pun tak larat nak gelak =_=

and soooooo, here it is!!


 pictures guys..hahaha because i didnt bring my nikon so yeah =_=

but i gotta say the kem ibadah was sooo cool!!
a gazillion thanks to all facilitators for being so nice with us and bear with our annoying attitude..heheh
especially to kak Pija!!! hahaha over lak XD
and also my team (4) got number 3 for the explorace thinggy YERYER!! hehe :P

the best part(i think) was when i had to guess what the heck was my teammates' actions represents..
and i didnt know it would goes swimmingly so yeah i  guess we're seOtak anyway! haha k dats all toodles!!

(find me if u're awesome hahah)

                                 i only have this picture. credits to Diba

and i  u guys :)


  1. i saw u !
    yeah i'm awesome !

  2. ok good! takdo bai dah.haha